The functions and nutritional value of pumpkin seed

Column:COMPANY NEWS Time:2020-01-09

The functions and nutritional value of pumpkin seed

1. The Pumpkin seed has a good effect on killing schistosoma larvae and it can also make the mature ones denaturate and reduce the number of worms. It also has a certain therapeutic effect on schistosomiasis.

2. The Pumpkin seed is also an effective tapeworm repellent without toxicity and any side effect. It is suitable for the elderly and children with tapeworm disease, abdominal pain and fullness. It has obvious effects on the patients with pinworm disease, tapeworm disease and hookworm disease.

3. According to American research, it can effectively prevent and treat prostate diseases to eat about 50g pumpkin seeds per day, for the hormonesecretion. of prostate depends on fatty acid rich in pumpkin seeds, which can keep the glands in good function; besides, the active ingredients can eliminate the swelling in the early stage of prostatitis, and also prevent prostate cancer.

4. The Pumpkin seed is rich in pantothenic acid, which can relieve static angina pectoris and reduce blood pressure.

5. The Pumpkin seed is natured and sweet,deworming and detumescence for the treatment of tapeworm, ascaris, postpartum swelling of hands and feet, pertussis and hemorrhoids.


The skills of making pumpkin seeds

Fry pumpkin seeds until they are crisp, not too long.