The round big white pumpkin seeds are good for the health

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The round big white pumpkin seeds are good for the health


Nutritional components of pumpkin seeds (white melon seeds

White melon seeds (pumpkin seeds) are rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, carotene, retinol, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin E, potassium, sodium, selenium, copper, zinc, ferromanganese, calcium, etc. Pumpkin seed is also rich in amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and carotene and other nutrients.  Eating pumpkin seeds regularly can not only prevent the occurrence of kidney stones, but also promote the discharge of existing stones. What's more, the active ingredients and rich zinc elements in pumpkin seeds have good effect on prostate. Sticking to eating a handful of pumpkin seeds every day will prevent and cure prostate hypertrophy. Pumpkin seeds are rich in phosphorus, which is also good for men's prostate, for some prostate diseases are caused by phosphorus deficiency.

Therapeutic effects

The pumpkin seed has a good effect on killing parasites (such as pinworms, hookworms, etc) existed in human body and curing the prostate diseases. It also has a good effect on killing schistosomiasis, which is the first choice of  dietotherapy for schistosomiasis.

Rich in Zinc and Phosphorus

Nutritionists also believe that the zinc and phosphorus contained in pumpkin seeds are also helpful for women who lack sexual desire, and the formation and growth of female oocytes also need a lot of zinc. In addition, the "zinc" element in the white melon seed can also promote the rapid healing of human external wounds, which is  a magic effect, but people always ignore the nutrition of the white melon seeds.
Prevention and treatment of prostate diseases
US research has found that eating about 50g pumpkin seeds (equivalent to 20-25 melon seeds, with an average weight of 68mg) every day can prevent and treat prostate disease effectively,for the secretion of hormone of prostate depends on fatty acids which are rich in pumpkin seeds can keep function of prostate well. The active ingredients can eliminate the swelling in the early stage of prostatitis and prevent prostate cancer.
Antihypertensive function
The pumpkin seed is rich in pantothenic acid, which can relieve static angina and has the effect on reducing blood pressure. Taking 90 grams of raw pumpkin seeds with shell for two or three weeks continuously (three times in the morning, the middle and the evening, one session a week ). In the middle-aged and old men, the prostate hypertrophy (hyperplasia), especially insomnia will lead to the physical decline rapidly and the occurrence of headache (cansed by insomnia and frequent night urination), tinnitus, facial pain, facial beat. After eating white melon seeds, the symptoms of urgency, frequency, pain and incontinence will be alleviated, and night urine will reduce. The use of orthodox treatment of acute prostatitis not only takes for a long time, but also fails often. It is difficult to cure the disease with other drugs, but pollen has a high cure rate. This is because pollen is a concentrated "complete nutrition bank", rich in various vitamins, microelements such as se, Fe, Mo, Mn and major elements such as Mg and ca.
Prevention and treatment of diseases
Pollen mainly promotes the metabolism of the human body and enhances the immune function of the human body throgh the nutrient elements in pollen preparations to achieve the effect of disease prevention and treatment. Therefore, the effect of pollen preparation is better than that of antibiotics in the treatment of prostatitis. For example, Zou, a vegetable farmer in Guiyang City, is 40 years old. He has been suffering from prostatitis for two years. When he urinates, his urethra is painful. When he uses force to defecate, there is milky white secretion dripping out of the urethral orifice, which often flows out turbid liquid. Zou is painful for unstretched waist, weakeded sexual desire, dizziness, palpitation, cold sweating and other symptoms. After taking the pollen preparations, the symptoms were relieved, and all the symptoms disappeared and the body was healthy and the spirit was good after taking half a year. Another example is Li Mou, a 68 year old Kunming patient, who is suffering from prostatic hypertrophy and has difficulty in urinating, after which, he always flows out turbid liquid with   the lumbosacral acid distension, chronic pain, and hematuria for a long time. Long-term use of gentamicin injection has little effect and side effect is obvious. The patient suffered from gastrointestinal discomfort and pain in the liver area. Later, the patient took pollen preparation. Two months later, the hematuria disappeared, the urination was smooth, and the abdomen did not fall and swell. After taking it for 3 months, the patient's appetite increased, sleep was sound and self-feeling was good. In 1962, Dr Liendianlu of Sweden used pollen to treat 100 patients with prostatitis, and 80% of them recovered. In 1967, Dr. Asko and Dr. Wubumaku. reported on 12 patients suffering from prostatitis, ten of whom are cured for pollen. In the former East Germany, many men  suffered from impotence and other sexual disorders and chronic prostatitis took pollen tablets for three years. As a result, many people recovered completely and enjoyed normal sexual life again. At the same time, it also cured some patients of prostatitis. These people are all patients who have received various treatments in the past and have no effect. For example, Nilus, a taxi driver in Stockholm, Sweden, has been suffering from prostatitis for more than 10 years. Usually in urination, a little pain, but suddenly one day the pain is unbearable. He was hospitalized for three weeks, received catheterization and various examinations, and was given sulfanilamide preparation. Although the pain was slightly relieved, he got drug allergy, so he stopped taking the medicine. First, folk therapy with chop celery root was taken.The effect of drinking a cup in the evening is not good. It often hurts when he urinates. A physician advised the patient to take pollen four times a day. It took only a few days for the patient to urinate normally, and the patient was overjoyed. Later, the patient’ hair stopped falling, the sex life was improved. He can drive a car with quick reaction, and didn't feel tired after driving for a long time. It is a folk prescription, which is very effective.

Medical record

According to the Canon of Internal Medicine, there had been symptoms such as "dysuria", that is,. inability and difficulty in urinating, in the northern part of the Yellow River 5000 years ago. After taking rape pollen (processed into "QianLieKang"- Chinese patent medicine), about a week, the frequency of middle-aged and old men’ s night urine was significantly improved, and the men’ prostate disease (prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, not prostate cancer or prostate) could be completely cured half a year later. But at that time, the Chinese anatomy was underdeveloped, and there was no such organ as "prostate". But like the white melon seeds (South melon seeds, tea melon seeds), this medicine supplements nutritional or endocrine disorders in the human body for a long time to enhance people's resistance  and maintain the balance of Yin and Yang inside the human body, so that the "hot and humid bet" is completely removed.

Research record

A study by the American Medical Association has shown that, men’s  prostate gland will swell and grow when they lack zinc in their blood. Zinc in prostate is more than that in other organs of human body under normal circumstances, because the synthesis of male androgen requires zinc. Therefore, eating a handful of white melon seeds every day can prevent and treat prostatic hypertrophy. Prostate patients may even suddenly find that the symptoms of scrotum dampness disappear, but eating spicy, too salty or too greasy and drinking alcohol will cause prostatitis to recur again. Therefore, eating spicy, too salty, greasy and alcohol should be forbidden. In addition, white melon seeds (pumpkin seeds) can improve sexual function. In addition, the study also proved that regular eating pumpkin seeds (white melon seeds) can not only prevent the occurrence of kidney stones, but also promote the discharge of stones. The active ingredients and rich zinc elements in the white melon seeds are more important. Although the white melon seeds without salt (i.e. pumpkin seeds) have better effect, common ones can be bought everywhere and are more convenient to eat and carry. But if you are suffering from gastrointestinal disease, I advise you to buy pumpkin seeds or tea melon seeds processed from pumpkin seeds, which can be wholesale everywhere in the market, because tea melon seeds can also play a therapeutic role in the treatment of prostate disease, and will not cause loose stools (loose, anorectal, abdominal distention, stomach dyspepsia) as white melon seeds which are too salty.

It should be pointed out that although the prostate can be cured by eating white melon seeds (pumpkin seeds), it is wrong for some patients to think that the enuresis or thin urine line caused by prostate can also be eliminated, which is especially caused by kidney deficiency. Taking some kidney tonic drugs such as Dihuang pill and Wuziyanzong pill can cure the dysuria caused by prostate, or neurogenic enuresis (no sense of automatic urine dripping). Because the kidney-qi deficiency is another disease. The prostate is only the important organ responsible for making the male penis flush blood and swell, and it is also responsible for the elimination of semen. The zinc element in semen is mainly stored by the prostate and testis together, so the problem of semen scarcity caused by prostate disease can be solved after taking white melon seeds.

Prostatic hyperplasia is a common disease in the middle-aged and old people (excluding women, prostate belongs to male reproductive organs), and it is also a necessary stage (all men in the middle-aged and old people will have prostatic hypertrophy. According to statistics, more than 150 million patients suffered from prostatic diseases, but no symptom is no disease). According to the medic literature, more than half of the elderly over 60 years old suffered from  hypertrophy of the prostate, who are distressed.

Therapeutic methods 

In fact, there is a folk therapy in our country. Middle-aged and elderly friends may as well try it. It is reported that taking fried pumpkin seeds 50 grams a day irregularly as snacks is indeed effective.

Coincidentally, doctors in Germany also found that fewer people who often eat white melon seeds (pumpkin seeds, tea melon seeds also have the same effect) suffer from prostate hypertrophy. It is said that this is because pumpkin seeds contain a substance that affects the production of male hormones, which really coincides with the folk prescription of our country.

According to modern medical research, some prostate diseases are caused by phosphorus deficiency.

McKinsey, a famous British nutritionist, recommended pumpkin seeds which can enhance sexual desire to viewers of British TV 4. Other British nutritionists agree that pumpkin seeds can increase sexual desire. They have written to the media that pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc and phosphorus, which are very helpful to the human reproductive system. Zinc can promote the production of testosterone in the blood, which is crucial for sperm growth. Heyaoyao, daughter of Hefangzhao who is pumpkin planting expert, also found that pumpkin seeds can enhance male hormones in many experiments and published in the journal of Agriculture and Health. Pumpkin seed is the first strange recipe for anti-cancer, prevention and treatment of prostate .

Another view is that white melon seeds should not be eaten too much at one time (once a day, 50g each time), for there have been the reports of dizziness caused by eating too much pumpkin seeds. Patients with stomach fever should eat less; otherwise, they will feel abdominal distension. In addition, if you eat too much white melon seeds, the salty taste on the shell will increase the risk of gastric cancer, unless you drink one or two glasses of water to dilute it. Eating too much white melon seeds will cause more phlegm in the throat, colitis or gastritis attack, so it's better to take it intermittently in several times. If you take too much, you must remember to drink more warm water, so as to avoid tongue allergy and taste failure, and at the same time, to prevent  colitis and gastritis.